Akeso Olive Oil Soap - Various Types

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Akeso Olive Oil Soap - Various Types
Handmade cold process olive oil soap with herb extracts. Suitable for vegans. Safe for pregnant women and kids. 100% natural.

*Made in Greece
*Against animal testing
*CPNP certified
*Dermatologically tested
*No palm oil

$4 each bar

Buy 3 of any type for $10.  Mix and Match

To choose one or more bars use the drop down arrow to the left of the quantity button to make your selection.

About Akeso:

Our love for a natural way of life and our faith in the medical Hippocratic beliefs directed us towards the creation of Akeso. The name Akeso comes from the verb “akaiome” which means heal. She was one of the Asclepius daughters and the goddess of healing.

Akeso is a company with strong values, social responsibility, tradition and innovation. It develops and produces face, body and hair products which are based on organic extra virgin olive oil (“liquid gold” according to Homer)and herbs from the Greek nature.

The polyphenols contained in olive oil protect the cells from oxidation, strengthen skin defense and diminish fine lines with intent to reform and renew the skin. Combined with the organic olive oil we use herb extracts of a high quality from the Greek flora such as cistus, dittany, agnus castus, critamnus, prickly pear and helichrysum which offer excellent skin care.

The main feature of our products are their natural composition and their holistic action (physical, mental and spiritual well-being) and its specific effectiveness due to the rich properties of the olive oil.

The goal and vision of Akeso is to offer natural products for more euphoria, health and stimulation and to promote the natural treasures of our homeland.