Dura Wallet by Card Lock - World's Thinnest Wallet

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Dura Wallet  by Card Lock - World's Thinnest Wallet

  • Won’t bulge in your pocket or purse; attractive unisex design.
  • Protects credit cards from electronic thieves.

Ordinary wallets don’t fit so great in pockets or bags.  When you sit down, your wallet can fall out of your pocket.  Or it feels like you’ve got a brick in your pocket every time you sit down.  Dura Wallet® is the economical solution to your bulging pocket.  The slim, compact style fits easily into your pockets. There’s no bulging! Dura Wallet® holds up to 16 credit cards and remains 4x thinner than a standard leather wallet stuffed with the same amount. Keep your wallet in any pocket you wish without the bulge. Dura Wallet® has a unisex design, so it’s great as a men’s wallet and a women’s wallet. Made from heavy-duty woven polyethylene, the lightweight, paper-like texture won’t tear and is protected from the elements.  Dura Wallet® can even withstand an accidental toss in the washer and dryer.  This thin wallet protects your sensitive credit card information from electronic thieves, thanks to RFID-blocking technology. Dura Wallet® prevents scanning devices from reading your cards.