Hurry Bolt - Multi-Function Work Light Warning Light

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Hurry Bolt - Multi-Function Work Light Warning Light

Searchlight LED HB-6609-COB + LED (STOP

Hurry-Bolt Multi-function Warning Light - LED Light + Triangle Warning Light


Camping lamp

Car lamp

Searchlight for fishing and hunting

For night and emergency work

For outdoor activities

It is lightweight, which allows you to always take it with you.

The heavy duty flashlight operates on the basis of high-performance LED bulbs.

The versatility of this spotlight is to set a number of functions such as:

1. Spotlight with a powerful ultra-bright LED.

2. Emergency lighting for a car and any other emergency.

3. Emergency traffic sign - multi-mode 30 red LEDs

additional characteristics

Dual-mode 2-segment LED. 3-segment warning light

LED lighting tools are also available.

Good dust and water resistance.

Easy to place after tripod

Swivel handle stand.

Moisture resistant housing.

Number of modes 5

Modes COB 100%, 50%, 30LED 100%, strobe, SOS

Case material - plastic

Charging the AC Micro 3 AA batteries (not included)

Overall dimensions: 188х170х50 mm

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