Clean Reach 3 in 1 Angled Pads

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Clean Reach 3 in 1 Angled Pads...Never Bend Again!

No more stretching, bending or kneeling.  Handle expands up to 33".

Great for: 
- Reach around toilets
- Dust door jams
- Get in corners
- Soaker tub

The Secret...The special ergonomic handle that extends to make every corner of your bathroom easy to reacy, while the revolutionary Grime Grabbing cleaning pad angles into tight spaces gently and effectively scrubbing every surface, corner, and inch clean.  Never miss a spot!

- Touch Free Cleaning
- Ergonomic Handle Extends
- Grime Grabbing Cleaning Pads to scrub tough dirt, clean tiles and surfaces at the same time plus a polish-soft side to clean mirrors, glass doors and MORE!

Value Pack includes 3 Cleaning Pads & 1 Telescopic Pole