COVID-19 Prevention

Not only do we have an online store and curbside pick up options, we have also decided to reopen.

Since we are reopening some important things need to once again be said.

  • Please use hand sanitizer upon entering.
  • Do not test cosmetics.
  • Do not open cases of chocolate. (If you need help, ask our staff)
  • Always maintain 2 meters from other customers and our staff. Social distancing is crucial.
  • You MUST wear a face mask. We are standing strong towards this, and it is required, no exceptions.
Please have your mask on before entering the store, please wear it correctly, and please do not pull it down. We are focused highly on keeping our staff and other customers safe!

If you can not wear a mask, we can arrange curbside pick up! Check out our curbside pickup page or message us on Facebook!