FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
Checking out with PayPal Express/Google Pay/Apple Pay

Customers who are checking out by using PayPal Express/Google Pay/Apple Pay, will first be taken to the PayPal/Google/Apple page to enter their credit card information and billing address. After this step, you'll be rerouted back to our page and then shown available shipping methods.  After you select your desired choice of delivery, shipment or pickup, the order will be adjusted accordingly.  You may have underpaid or overpaid depending on PayPal Express/Google Pay/Apple Pay and we will adjust the amount afterwards upon your request.

You will encounter this intermediate step only if you are using PayPal Express/Google Pay/Apple Pay. 

We do not issue refunds, but will provide a Gift Card with no expiry date, in the amount of the shipping difference, to be used on future purchases at our online store.  If it is an undercharge, you may be contacted for additional difference.

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. 

Regarding Expiry Dates:

Our shelf-stable foods have 'Best Before Dates'.  It is important to note that a 'Best Before Date' is not the same as an expiration date.

Sometimes, we have products that are close to the 'Best Before Date' but our low prices are reflective of that date.

Most foods are perfectly fine, long after the 'Best Before Date', when unopened and stored properly.

If it is a concern for you, please check dates before buying.

Get the facts at https://www.inspection.gc.ca/food-safety-for-industry/information-for-consumers/fact-sheets-and-infographics/date-labelling/eng/1332357469487/1332357545633


Some of our products are " Certified Refurbished". This will be stated in the products description. Below are frequently asked questions that we are happy to answer!

What is “Certified Refurbished” ?

“Certified Refurbished” is generally used to describe products that have been tested and certified to ensure that the product works the same as a brand new version, it is then re-packaged for retail sale. You'll save a bit more and still get a reliable product. We also offer a 30 day warranty to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase!

Why is something Refurbished...was it broken?

Refurbished products may be unused customer returns that are essentially "new" items. These items could be barely used and returned because the customer “didn’t like it” or “it wasn’t what they expected” or “ they couldn’t figure out how to use it” or “my spouse said no – return it”... etc... (you get the idea). The vast majority of these items are working perfectly and are barely used. In fact some retailers put these products back on their shelves and may charge you full price. These items could also possibly be defective products that were returned under warranty, and resold by the manufacturer after repairing the defects and ensuring proper function.